Centre des documents : Organisations

Document IDicone de tri Titre Publication date Catégories
C 162/2012/AP Nota de convocation Septembre 2012 ACS, Priority Areas, Trade
UWI Conference DERNIER APPEL À COMMUNICATIONS Juillet 2013 International & Regional Organizations
V Summit Official Publication of the 5th Summit of Heads of State and/or Government of the Association of Caribbean States Avril 2013 ACS, all Members and Associate Members, Magazines
VII Cumbre Plan d'Action Juin 2016 ACS Legal Documents, ACS Membership, ACS Membership, ACS Political Documents, Countries, Organisations, Priority Areas
VII Cumbre Déclaration de la Havanna Juin 2016 ACS, ACS Membership, ACS Political Documents, Countries, Other Countries & Territories, Priority Areas, Secretariat General, Secretary General Documents