Resource Mobilisation Strategy

The Secretariat is actively developing an important long-term process to develop a sustainable management of cooperation projects based on the ACS resource mobilization strategy framework:



Strengthening the external recognition of the ACS by cooperation agencies and potential donors

  • Strengthen the recognition of the value-added of the ACS as an institution of regional functional cooperation in the Greater Caribbean.
  • Active presence in all relevant Latin American and Caribbean Cooperation and Donor Agency Forums
  • Development of initiatives of collaboration and cooperation with the project management units of other regional and sub-regional organizations as well with national cooperation agencies of the ACS member states.

Follow-up of cooperation agreements and identification of sources of funding.

  • Establish follow-up of financial opportunities available within existing cooperation agreements signed with the ACS
  • Active monitoring and identification of new sources of financing for ACS projects.
  • Identify new institutions and countries that could develop cooperation agreements with the ACS.
  • Negotiation with cooperation agencies and potential donor organizations in order to obtain the required financial resources for the implementation of ACS cooperation projects.


Development of a new project management framework: transition from a project approach to a programme approach within the ACS priority areas

  • Sustainable development of a project management unit: Strengthening the formulation, the implementation, control and evaluation of the projects proposed to the Special Fund.
  • Awareness building and training of ACS staff on Project Cycle management (PCM).
  • Preparation of project proposals in accordance to the guidelines of the cooperation and donor agencies.

Intensify relations between the ACS Secretariat and the Council of National Representatives of the Special Fund

  • Preparation by the Secretariat of a project evaluation framework to analyze the projects submitted by the Special Committees to be considered and decided by the Council of National Representatives of the Special Fund
  • Establishment of a communication mechanism between the ACS Secretariat, the Special Committees and the Executive Board of the Special Fund