Assistance Programme for the work of the ACS Secretariat regarding Special and Differential Treatment (SDT)

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Ford Foundation, ACS

Welcome and Opening

  • Remarks by the Director of ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean
    Daniel Blanchard
  • Remarks by the Director of Foreign Policy and External Economic Relations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
    Fay Housty
  • Remarks by the Chairman of the ACS Special Committee on Trade Development 
    H.E. Carlos Isidro Echeverría, Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Remarks by the Minister of Trade and Industry of Trinidad and Tobago
    Honourable Kenneth Valley

I. Evolution of Special and Differential Treatment and Small Economies

  • Special and Differential Treatment in Trade Regimes: A comparative analysis between the WTO, the FTAA and the EPA’s
    H.E. Ambassador Miguel Ceara-Hatton, Consultant to the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC)
  • International trade negotiations and small economies in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asymmetries and special and differential treatment
    (Word Document)
    Antonio Romero, Coordinator of International Trade Negotiations, Permanent Secretariat of the Latin American Economic System (SELA)
  • Special and Differential Treatment for Small Developing Countries
    Deryck Brown, Director of Technical Cooperation, Caribbean Negotiating Machinery (CRNM)


II. Treatment of the asymmetries in the current negotiation process

  • Special and Differential Treatment 
    Shishir Priyadarshi, Counselor, Development Division of the WTO Secretariat
  • A perspective on external trade negotiations: The issue of Special and Differential Treatment for OECS Member States 
    Rasona Davis, Economic Affairs Officer, Secretariat of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

III. The future of SDT in the FTAA framework, mechanisms for its effective implementation

  • Special and differential treatment: Effects and implications for small open economies 
    Esteban Pérez, ECLAC Sub-Regional Headquarters for the Caribbean, Port of Spain 
  • Trade Competitiveness of Smaller Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean 
    Ricardo Zapata, Chief of Trade and Integration, ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for Mexico
  • The Future of Special and Differential Treatment in the FTAA 
    Patsy Lewis, Patricia Northover, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

IV. Regional Co-operation Fund in the Greater Caribbean. Structure and mechanisms to effectively provide the assistance required by the countries of the Greater Caribbean

  • Hemispheric Co-operation Programme 
    Santiago Apunte Franco, Chairman of the FTAA Consultative Group on Small Economies 
  • Study on the possible structure of a Regional Co-operation Fund taking into consideration the Hemispheric Co-operation Programme of the FTAA 
    William Arrocha, Director of the Trade Policy Programme, Monterey Institute of International Studies 

Compton Bourne, President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
Michael Baptiste, Senior Operations Specialist for the Trinidad and Tobago Office of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

V. Trade Liberalisation and Economic Development: a strategy for the Greater Caribbean. Interactive session in working groups


  • The future of special and differential treatment: implications and strategy for the Greater Caribbean
  • Regional Co-operation Fund in the area of Trade: mechanisms for its implementation 


VI. Instruments for analysing competitiveness and the importance of the international insertion of the Greater Caribbean

  • Computerised Instrument for analysing competitiveness: Introduction to the use ofMAGIC and CAN
    Esteban Pérez, ECLAC Sub-regional Headquarters for the Caribbean, Port of Spain
  • The quality of international insertion and competitiveness in the Greater Caribbean applying ECLAC instruments in assessing competitiveness
    Esteban Pérez, ECLAC Sub-regional Headquarters for the Caribbean, Port of Spain