Major Activities of the Unit

  1. Preparation and distribution of ACS Press Releases and other Communications
  2. Preparation and production of the ACS Annual Publication, Business Forum Publication and others
  3.  Maintenance of photographic archives of ACS events and official visits to the Secretary General
  4.  Attend to and prepare for the Communications and Media needs related to Meetings of the Special Committees, Ministerial Council and other ACS entities
  5. Monitoring of press for coverage on the organisation
  6. Preparation and distribution of ACS Press Review on a daily basis
  7. Development and maintenance of media relations through media interviews, press conference and media briefings
  8. Management and enhancement of the ACS website
  9. Management of the ACS Information and Documentation Centre (Library)
  10. Implementation of an outreach programme to High School and University students – the ACS INTEGREAT programme
  11. Assisting in scheduling public speaking activities, conferences, etc for the Secretary General and other officials
  12. Promotion of major events and activities of the ACS
  13. Preparation of Information folders/kits
  14. Invitations to the media to cover important ACS meetings and events
  15. Submission of articles to specialised or industry publications