ACS congratulates Panama on its anniversary of separation

The Association of Caribbean States expresses its heartfelt congratulations to the Republic of Panama on the occasion of two significant epochs which evidence the consolidation of its identity as a sovereign nation.

First, on November 3, which marks the anniversary of Panama's separation from Colombia. This act took place in 1903, when the republic undertook self-determination, in which its nation opted for the path of forging its own destiny. Likewise, 28 November, which is recorded as the day on which Panama proclaimed its independence from Spain in 1821. A transcendental episode in which the historical ties with the Spanish Empire were broken, thus putting an end to more than 300 years of viceregal life.

In this context, we wish to highlight Panama's remarkable contribution to the international scene, and its relevant role as a bridge between continents. The Republic of Panama is a model of resilience and cohesion that continues to be a source of inspiration for other nations.

About the ACS

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