Advisor - Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation

Announcement of Vacancy: 

Suitably qualified citizens of the Member States and Associate Members of the Association of Caribbean States are invited to apply for the position of Advisor at the ACS Secretariat at its headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Reporting to: 
Director of Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation
Type of appointment: 
Full time
Duration of appointment: 
Three years (with an option of renewal for two years)
Duties and responsabilities: 
  • Assist the Director in the development, rationalization, coordination and evaluation of ACS policies, programmes and projects which contribute effectively to the development process in the Greater Caribbean;
  • Assist the Director in the development of appropriate training programmes in project management and project evaluation;
  • Advise the Director on all matters related to ACS policies, programmes and projects as well as support initiatives and present recommendations aimed at achieving the objectives and mandates of the Association;
  • Analyse, make projections and recommend actions to be taken in order to achieve the objectives and functions of the Directorate;
  • Prepare reports on activities, programmes and projects undertaken by the Directorate in accordance with established guidelines; 
  • Act as a resource person on issues in accordance with the policies, programmes and projects of the Directorate; 
  • Assist the Director in the submission of working documents for meetings of the ACS bodies and working groups as well as ensuring that the outcomes of such meetings are prepared for circulation in compliance with Agreements 13/10 and 9/17; 
  • Assist the Director in coordinating all aspects of working meetings including interfacing with focal points as designated; 
  • Assist the Director in drafting agendas and participate in meetings of the Council of National Representatives of the Special Fund, the Special Committees for Trade Development and External Economic Affairs, Transport, Sustainable Tourism, Disaster Risk reduction and Caribbean Sea Commission; 
  • Assist the Director in managing the financial, technical and logistical areas of the projects undertaken by the Directorate;
  • Conceptualize project profiles and prepare proposals for submission to donors; 
  • Evaluate submissions received from Consultants in response to ‘Calls for Proposals’ in conjunction with the Legal Advisor and Political Advisor; 
  • Support the activities and work of the Consultants engaged by the ACS; 
  • Examine,  evaluate, conceptualise issues and make recommendations regarding the studies, projects and programmes undertaken by other regional organisations; 
  • Research, co-ordinate and monitor the compilation of data and statistical information on studies, policies, projects and programmes undertaken to support the work of the Directorate and by other international/regional organisations; 
  • Assist the Director in preparing and organising seminars, courses or training sessions undertaken by the Directorate in collaboration with other international and regional organisations; 
  • Assist the Director in organising, executing, monitoring and following up on activities of the Directorate and those stemming from the mandates received from the Special Committees as well as those received from the higher bodies of the ACS; 
  • Submit Official Travel Reports to the Secretary General upon return from official missions; 
  • Represent the ACS at official meetings, events, workshops and conferences as designated.

Under the general guidance of the Director, the incumbent is responsible for analysing, planning, conceptualising, developing and evaluating plans, programmes and projects as well as coordinating the agendas and work programmes in the areas of Trade and External economic Affairs, Transport, Sustainable Tourism Disaster Risk reduction, Environment and the Caribbean Sea.

Specific Responsabilities: 
  • Assist the Director in formulating an ACS Policy for International Cooperation Management, detailing clear implementation guidelines to govern the receipt of donor funding;
  • Assist the Director in maintaining the ‘Project Bank’ with the capacity to obtain support and technical assistance from donors;
  • Support the ACS by virtue of representation or participation in meetings of international and regional funding agencies as designated.
Minimum qualifications: 
  • A Post Graduate degree (Master's or equivalent) in fields related to International Cooperation, Human Development, Sustainable Development, Project Management or other relevant areas.
  • At least five (5) years’ relevant work experience, preferably with experience at international or regional levels in areas such as mobilisation of funds for international projects and management of projects funded by international cooperation agencies; and
  • Minimum two (2) years’ experience in Project Management.
Remuneration package: 
  • Monthly Remuneration: US$3,830.20 (tax exempted);
  • Purchase of airline ticket to and from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago for the professional and up to four dependents from the point of origin;
  • Repatriation allowance (one-time payment corresponding to basic monthly salary) upon arrival in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Shipping of personal effects from and to point of origin in keeping with relevant guidelines;
  • Group Health Insurance for the Professional and dependants (if applicable).
  • Participation in the ACS International Staff Fund (employee - 7% and employer – 14%);
  • Annual paid vacation entitlement of 25 working days (2.08 per month).
Documentation required: 

Candidates must present the following documents for consideration:

  1. Full Curriculum vitae;
  2. University degree certificate;
  3. Language Proficiency certificates (not native tongue);
  4. Names of three (3) referees and contact information.

Applicants must complete the Applicant Job Profile Summary Form included with the website vacancy. Failure to complete the Applicant Job Profile Summary Form will result in automatic rejection of the application. This form must be completed using either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Do not attempt to complete this document using any web browser.


Applications must be addressed to:


H.E. Rodolfo Sabonge

Secretary General

Association of Caribbean States

5-7 Sweet Briar Road, St. Clair


Tel: 868-622-9575

Fax: 868-622-1653


And sent by email to: [email protected]

The details stated above outline the nature and level of the tasks normally assigned to this position.  It does not constitute an exhaustive list of these tasks.  Additional related duties may be assigned as necessary for the effective functioning of the Association.


Only electronic applications will be acknowledged. All your submissions via email must not exceed 5MB in size.


Due to the high volume of applications received, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.  These candidates will also receive notice of the final outcome of the selection process.


Junior Professional (P-2)
Job Title: 
Advisor - Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation
Deadline for receiving applications: 
14 October 2022