Request for Proposal For Implementation of Microsoft 365 Cloud Services at the ACS Secretariat

Announcement of Vacancy: 

The Association of Caribbean States, hereinafter referred to as the “ACS”, is requesting proposals from qualified firms interested in providing Microsoft 365 implementation services. The detailed scope of services for this engagement is outlined in Section 14 (Scope of Work). Proponents are, hereby invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal. The Proposals will form the basis for contract negotiations and ultimately for a signed contract.

Minimum qualifications: 

In keeping with international best practices for procurement, all vendors will be required to demonstrate that they have the requisite experience, resources, capabilities, and competences to undertake and perform the required works. Accordingly, the following documents must be submitted as part of your proposal under the appropriate headings and in the order in which they are listed below.

As previously indicated in the Terms & Conditions, failure to submit will result in your proposal being rejected and therefore not considered as part of our evaluation process;

  • A Company Profile.
  • An outline of your company’s experience in initiating and successfully completing similar projects and services.
  • Your company's Organizational Chart.
  • A list of all company directors.
  • Firm with 3+ years’ experience performing Microsoft 365 / Office 365 implementations and/or migration as well as providing proof of completion per implementation/migration, similar to the scope outlined in Section 14 (Scope of Work).
  • Must be a Microsoft Partner.
  • Listing of recent or existing contracts (within the last five (5) years), include three (3) testimonials from past clients of a similar size and nature.
  • Identification of your Microsoft Authorized Partner Certification(s) or status.
  • Certificate of Incorporation, or any other official documentation related to the Business/Company Registration.
  • In the case of entities registered in Trinidad and Tobago, the following documents are also required:o Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate, o Valid VAT Clearance Certificate, o Valid National Insurance Board Clearance Certificate
  • A bank reference letter indicating tenure, financial standing, and credit rating.
  • A completed Bid Submission Compliance and Risk Data form attached as Annex I.

Prospective suppliers intending to submit proposals are encouraged to provide a written letter of intent to propose by 04 October 2022 as an email attachment to [email protected]. The letter must identify the name, address, phone, and e-mail address of the person who will serve as the key contact for all correspondence regarding this RFP.A letter of intent is required so the ACS can provide interested bidders with a list of any questions received and the ACS responses to those questions. Those providing a letter of intent will also be notified of any addenda that are issued.

Job Title: 
Vendor - Implementation of Microsoft 365 Cloud Services
Deadline for receiving applications: 
18 October 2022