Directorate for Transport


The Directorate for Transport of the Association of Caribbean States is charged with the facilitation of co-operation among Members on the issues of transport and connectivity within the Greater Caribbean. The Directorate is guided by its Work Programme whose emphasis is on “Uniting the Caribbean by Air and Sea”.


VI Summit

The VI Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in Mérida Yucatán, Mexico on April 30th, 2014, addressed the importance of air and maritime transport in the Greater Caribbean. The Declaration of Mérida highlighted the priority of transport and improved connectivity in the region. Further, the Declaration reaffirmed its commitment to the Declaration of Pétion Ville which emanated from the V Summit of the ACS.


Main Projects 

Strategic objectives of the Directorate of Transport’s Work Programme:

  • Implementation or enhancement of the instruments, mechanisms and conditions for improving the efficiency of the transport
  • Promotion and coordination, at the political level, of activities related to improving the efficiency of the transport sector
  • Collaboration with organisations and initiatives related to Air and Maritime Transport

Key initiatives of the Directorate of Transport

1.   Air Transport Agreement among Member States and Associate Members of the Association of Caribbean States.


2.   Draft Policy to be adopted by the Member States of the Association of Caribbean States regarding Partnerships among Air Carriers - this policy proposal is to be taken into account by countries in order to foster partnerships among the airlines headquartered in the region, since said partnerships have proved beneficial for the public by increasing the networks of routes and connections. The final policy shall include code sharing agreements and operating agreements.