Projects in Sustainable Tourism

Project ID Project Name Financing Status
ACS-ST-013 Foreign Language Training Project – Phase II Preparation
ACS-ST-012 Creation of Sustainable Tourism Program of the Greater Caribbean Preparation
ACS-ST-011 Feasibility Study on the Centre to Promote the Languages and Culture of the Greater Caribbean French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Implementation
ACS-ST-010 Symposium on Visitor Safety Ministry of Tourism of Trinidad and Tobago, ACS Completed
ACS-ST-009 Preparation of the Sustainable Tourism Module of the IISGC ACS Special Fund Preparation
ACS-ST-008 Training Manual and Workshop on the Sustainability Indicators of the Greater Caribbean ACS Special Fund Completed
ACS-ST-006 ACS Language Training pilot project for OECS Member Countries CDB, Regional Council of Martinique, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Completed
ACS-ST-005 Developing and packaging Multidestination tourism programs for the Greater Caribbean and the hosting of Forum for Airline Executives Regional Council of Martinique, ACS Counterpart Preparation
ACS-ST-003 Development of indicators for the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean (STZC) Regional Co-operation Funds of Martinique and Guadeloupe, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Completed
ACS-ST-002 Study of the Potential for Multidestination tourism in the Caribbean Regional Council of Martinique, ACS On-going
ACS-ST-000 Tourism Statistics in the Greater Caribbean ACS On-going