Structure and Participants of the CSC

How is the Caribbean Sea Commission structured?

The Caribbean Sea Commission consists of:

  • A Bureau (Chair, two Vice-chairs, and Secretariat);
  • A Legal Sub-Commission;
  • A Scientific and Technical Sub-Commission;
  • A Governance, Public Information and Outreach Sub-Commission;
  • A Budget Committee.

The Sub-Commissions support the CSC mandate by:

  • Clarifying information that the CSC needs to meet its mandate to provide advice to the ACS council;
  • Identifying individuals, organizations or projects that can provide the expertise and information needed;
  • Coordinating the acquisition, review and synthesis of the information needed;
  • Formulating or overseeing the formulation of draft advisory documents for the CSC;
  • Obtaining and providing clarification as requested by the CSC on any submitted draft advisory documents in a timely manner.


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