Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

International Earth Day is the largest secular observance in the world. It is held annually on 22nd April and coordinated by  Around 1 billion people from 193 countries come together to honour our planet.  

Earth Day started in 1970 when 20 million people took to the streets in the United States to protest the destruction of the planet by human activities. This first event sparked a new generation of environmental activists from around the world to promote caring for the Earth.

On this day, communities come together to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, sea level rise, species extinction, pollution, deforestation and habitat fragmentation.

The Greater Caribbean, because of its geographical position, is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet and one of the most susceptible areas to the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. For this reason, the region requires unified efforts to initiate discussions and propose solutions to address environmental problems. It is necessary to promote new concepts such as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that encompasses actions that rely on ecosystems and the services that they provide. These NBS respond to the environmental crises of today; such as climate change, food security and disasters.

What can you do on Earth Day?

During Earth Day, people take different actions to raise awareness of environmental issues. Communities are encouraged to organise activities such as cleaning up litter, planting trees and sharing nature-related information.
The ACS as an organisation for "consultation, cooperation and concerted action" seeks to achieve greater cooperation and initiative on this issue through its Plan of Action 2022 - 2028. The preservation and conservation of the Caribbean Sea is a mandate of paramount importance to the ACS. Join Earth Day this 22nd April 2022.

Happy Earth Day!

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